“Lucid Kids Never Die” (Hard Copy CD & Digital Download)

“Lucid Kids Never Die” (Hard Copy CD & Digital Download)

Regular price $11.11

Thomas Burgundy’s 2nd full length LP “Lucid Kids Never Die”

There are 3 price points for the album. The first option is $11, but the other options are available if the spirit moves.

1. “Hard Copy CD”: hard copy of the album ($11.11)

2. “Signed CD + Digital Download”: Signed copy of the album with digital download/photos & big appreciation. ($100)

3. “Big Blessing!!!”: Signed copy of the album, digital download, free shirt, big appreciation, and a personal thank you video 'cause you see the vision and have been lead to be an instrument of prosperity ($1,000) 

what God say? “Ask and you shall receive” 
thank you for listening & always showing love. I am grateful beyond measure.

-Thomas Burgundy