About photo
In 2017 as I was preparing my first album release party, without much forethought, I decided to print some of my lyrics on a shirt:  

“There’s beauty in the struggle, look I’m gorgeous.”

A brand was accidentally born that day, but more importantly, it showed me that across the globe we are all connected through our experiences, values, and affirmations. 
Everybody is dealing with their own struggle, but through perseverance, prosperity is waiting on the other side.
Since then, the purpose has been to capture that essence through clothing, music, photography & cinematography alike.

BURGUNDYIZM: (bur-guhn-dee-iz-uhm) 
The color burgundy has always symbolized and been associated with prosperity, ambition, power, sophistication, and a determined sense of self actualization. 
Therefore, Burgundyizm is a mindset and way of living. A daily practice centered around these attributes. 
For those of us that have seen it all, but also choose to see something beyond what is in front of us. 
Understanding that there are many things out of our control, but taking full control of what is. 
Burgundy is in the mind.

“Planted deep within every struggle is a seed of prosperity… Burgundyizm is watering the seed. 
It is the art of cultivating something out of nothing, (into anything,) by recognizing everything is everything.”

-Thomas Burgundy 
Lynwood, California